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By Dr. James Merlo and Dr. Mary A. Merlo-Murison
July 29, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

Decades ago, a filling was sufficient for restoring your teeth but left you with an unattractive metal-colored spot on your damaged or Smiledecayed tooth. Today, fillings not only last longer and stay stronger but come in natural, tooth-colored fillings that leave your smile looking healthy and flawless.

If you have cavities, chips or cracks that need filling, Chicago dentist Dr. Mary Merlo-Murison can bring your smile back to life in no time with the simple and quick application of a tooth-colored filling.


What is a tooth-colored filling made from?

In the past, fillings were made from metals, including a mercury blend called amalgam. Now, the most popular filling is made of resin composite, a mix of ceramic and plastic compounds that looks, feels and performs like an original tooth.


What are the benefits of a tooth-colored filling?

A tooth-colored filling will not only blend in with your tooth seamlessly, but it is also less likely to break than a metal filling. Resin bonds more firmly with your natural tooth, creating a strong surface that holds up to daily wear and tear.


How will my dentist apply my tooth-colored filling?

Your Chicago dentist will first apply a local anesthesia to numb the area around your tooth requiring filling. After removing the damaged portion of your tooth, your dentist will apply the resin, sculpting it to match the original appearance of your tooth. The resin will then be cured under a light to harden it and make your tooth durable so you can chew, brush, and floss your teeth like normal.

The entire process should take under an hour, with little to no recovery time needed.

You can trust Chicago, IL, dentist Dr. Mary Merlo-Murison to restore your smile promptly and effectively with a tooth-colored filling. Call (312) 726-2553 today to get your best smile yet!