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Cavity Fillings in the Chicago LoopHearing that you have a cavity is never the news you were hoping for. We certainly understand that! But it can be a relief to know that the treatment you need is right here at our Chicago Loop dental practice. Our dentist Dr. Mary A. Merlo-Murison and her team can restore your smile after a cavity quickly and easily, with a beautiful and durable tooth-colored dental filling.

When decay destroys tooth enamel you must come into our practice as soon as possible to remove the decayed enamel so that it doesn’t continue to erode the tooth. We often catch cavities during your six-month checkup, but if you notice sudden tooth pain, tooth sensitivity, or a dark spot on your tooth then you’ll want to come in for an evaluation.

If you’re faced with a cavity, it’s really not the end of the world. Nowadays it’s easy to restore a tooth after a cavity with a dental filling. Filling these days is made from tooth-colored materials such as composite resin, which looks just like real tooth enamel. We will also pick out the shade of composite resin that most closely matches your tooth so that it blends right in.

Once the decay has been removed, it’s important to fill these holes in your tooth to restore and re-strengthen it. The best way to do this is often with a dental filling. Composite resin is a putty-like material, which makes it easy for us to shape and mold it in layers to the tooth. We will continue to build up the tooth, layer by layer, with this composite resin. Each layer is molded into place and then hardened directly to the tooth with a laser.

With the proper care, composite resin fillings can last up to 15 years or longer. You must continue to maintain good oral hygiene and visit us for routine checkups every six months.

Whether you think you might have a cavity, or you simply need to schedule a routine checkup, the team at Mary A. Merlo-Murison, DDS in Chicago Loop is here to provide your smile with the care it deserves.


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